Writings by Marion Schneider:


Women often need comfort. Not that they are weak – it is rather a form of tenderness their body, mind and soul is longing for, a connection signalling: you are not alone, I will be with you, I am with you, you can rely on me. It is just a form of tenderness to create warmth and happiness. The comfort can be a question like "oh, you look a little pale, are you alright?" or a hug when she seems to be frustrated or just a little smile.

Most women are social beings, they enjoy being in a group and feel rather frightened of being alone – this is not yet part of the female tradition, rather the opposite: she was not allowed to be alone.

The life of the woman is centred around her body. Her body is object of pleasure and also of exploitation. Some women succeed in making their body an active and vital positive element of their life. Women care for the bodies of others, e.g. when they care for the elderly and the sick. Their own body gives life to other bodies. The outside world is reflected and felt in their body, a process of give and take, an exchange in which the woman is both object and subject. She receives the semen, she gives the blood and bears the child. She receives adoration and gives love.

Women want and need the freedom to express themselves but often they do not dare to show and live it out. For them an atmosphere of understanding and positive thinking is vital because they have not yet elaborated so many mechanisms for overcoming obstacles or resistance. Dialogue is a pleasant way of solving problems.

Women often still need to find their individual way of expression. It is so vital not to try to interfere because one might think she needs support but to let her find her own way of expressing herself and help her in that. It is worth it, as she will be very grateful for all the patience she really needs.

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