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How can we end war and killing?

To answer this we need to answer the question:
What are the causes of war and killing?

The first answer is: weapons
It must be ensured that weapons are only carried by those responsible enough to handle weapons technically, humanly and legally. This applies in all areas of public life, in all countries.

What are the causes of war and murder?

A lack of dialogue or a dialogue that leads to war and murder: a misguided dialogue.

In areas where the danger of violent conflict may arise, we should ensure that a dialogue between hostile parties is enabled. There are many techniques available throughout the world. For example, the Navajo Indians in North America have a tradition of “peace talks” which they offer via the United Nations.

With time and patience all parties can be brought to enter a dialogue. It is a question of the pressure necessary to bring about dialogue and the ability and power to apply this pressure.

What are the reasons for war and murder?

The egocentric nature of the parties in conflict. They have reached a
situation where they are no longer willing or able to consider the position of the other. Mediators must ensure that this negation of the other cannot persist.

What is the cause of murder and war?

Hate. Hate is a product of refused love. Whenever one party was willing to give, the other refused. A string of misunderstandings. The process has already begun when one party begins to feel hate. Hate is the beginning of war.

How can we end hate?

The party which feels hate must turn its attention toward itself. The energy otherwise expended in hate should be used for self-reflection and renewal.

What is the cause of murder and war?

Self-centredness. Often the result of frustrated love.

How can we counteract self-centredness?

Imprison oneself with only oneself for a while. Without reflection,
self-centredness will recede.

And self-centredness in larger groups?

Free the group from its isolation. Mix up the group.

What is the cause of murder and war?

Self-righteousness. The belief of being in the right. Everyone is entitled to their own position.
If we were forced to see from another point of view, we would understand the limits of our own standpoint.

A solution: conflicting parties should adopt the viewpoint of the other
party for a while.

What is the cause of murder and war?

The belief in blood-rights or national entitlement. Most blood has been shed over this.

Love thy neighbour as thyself.

Why has this central canon not prevailed, although everyone has felt and understood this sentiment from time to time?

Because small-mindedness has gained the upper hand.
Try it out: apply this principle once a day and you will see how
fundamentally your life will be transformed. Apply this in everyday life and you can change the world.

What is the cause of murder and war?

The exclusive belief in one God. Many Gods can co-exist together for many people. Give female gods a chance!

What is the cause of murder and war?

Monogamy and monotheism as dogma – it frustrates and destroys.
The future will show how much tolerance will be needed.

What is the cause of murder and war?

Not enough desire for happiness.
This can change.
When people want to be happy, murder and war are no longer in their

This can change everything.

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