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Read Book Review:
The New York Times, 29.11.1998

"The Erotic Lives of Women"
Linda Troeller / Marion Schneider
Scalo Zürich-Berlin-New York
ISBN 3-931141-74-8

Hardcover Book: 35 interviews with women throughout the world about their erotic lives, together with expressive photographs.



For downloading the texts and photographs of the women, please choose from each woman's (more) page:



"The Erotic Lives of Women"
Compact Disc

Orgasmic Intro | Cat and Mouse | Greek Wine | Paris | I died... | Soaking wet | Lipstick Red | Swings back | Manjari | Telescope | Time after Time | Elow

What does the word "erotic" mean to you? What was your first erotic experience? What was your strongest erotic experience?
These were the questions that photographer Linda Troeller and writer Marion Schneider asked over 30 women from almost a dozen countries for the bock "The Erotic Lives of Women".
Listen to the original interviews, enriched by soulful downbeats from the band "Junopilot". graphs.