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"The Erotic Lives of Women"
Linda Troeller / Marion Schneider
Scalo Zürich-Berlin-New York, ISBN 3-931141-74-8

Hardcover Book: 35 interviews with women throughout the world about their erotic lives, together with expressive photographs of them.

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Feelings of guilt and shame still shroud much of women's sexual experience. This book encourages women to break the vicious circle of fear and silence that keeps them from exchanging their erotic knowledge. The American photographer Linda Troeller and the German journalist Marion Schneider have interviewed 35 women from different backgrounds, ages, and cultures about their fantasies, fears, and adventures. A french teacher, a Brazilian professional singer, a North American film director, a Maroccan housewife: they all share the most intimate parts of their lives with the reader in revealing interviews. Linda Troeller photographed women acting out their sexual dreamsand personae. The Erotic Lives of Woman empowers women to persue a dialogue on their sexuality beyond both age-old repression and mediadriven exhibitionism. It is an unusually frank book that affirms women's right to find a voice of their own to talk about their bodies, delights, and desires.

Read Book Review: The New York Times, 29.11.1998